How it works?

Phase 1
  • Answer high-level questions about your organization
  • Receive your custom organigram
  • We can determine whether you are a good candidate for Phase 2
Phase 2
  • Answer detailed questions about your organization by department
  • A substantial amount of time must be dedicated to this mission-critical step
  • You will be given access to your company’s needs analysis
Phase 3
  • We will have gathered all the relevant information in a fraction of the time and cost
  • We will be ready to start configuring your new EPR system
  • We will provide you with a complete go-live checklist and implementation guide at no cost

The analysis phase of implementing an ERP system is extremely costly and time consuming.

We decided to change that.

We took our 20 years of experience in building top-class ERP systems, and packaged that expensive first step into a free online tool.
It’s like having a virtual business analyst, combined with live support from our team, saving you time and money.